Mission statement

  • To document one writer’s journey in creating story-world(s) for a storytelling franchise.
  • To document the background and inspiration behind elements of the Black Tail (an ongoing work of fantasy-romance fiction).
  • To serve as a chronology for the creation of the Black Tail (and protect the author’s claims to its material one day).
  • To provide inspiration, ideas, and resourceful states to budding new authors breaking in from outside Hollywood (especially those with no professional background in creative writing, screenwriting, or fantasy production).
  • To receive feedback with open arms regarding the expected buy-in of such story-world(s), motifs, writerly processes, and elements of the Black Tail.
  • To share best practices with other writers at various stages of creation and commercialization.
  • To provide the author’s writing samples to interested stakeholders in her professional and personal careers
  • This blog would serve as the foundations of a published author’s website in the future.

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