The Black Tail – Pitch


“All my life, I’ve had frightening nightmares of predatory fish; one night there was a merman there to rescue me. I thought, what if we were characters in a story, and this merman turned me into a mermaid?”

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“Erostes is a 16-year old human girl living in a mythical world of harpies and mermaids. She lives a restricted life as a captive slave to the harpies and dreams of something more. One day, a stranger shows up and, claiming to know her, kidnaps her. He, for some reason, thinks she is a runaway mermaid he has to recover, and turns her into a mermaid. The rulers of the underwater world try her for her “crimes” and sentence her to Three Labors in a public bid to humiliate her and end her life.

First, Erostes has to seize a human ship full of loot.  Second, she must then steer the ship past a narrow lane flanked on one side by the Crushing Rocks,  and on the other by six-headed monster Scylla and giant whirlpool Charybis.  Third, she must battle harpies at the Strophades  in order to reach the temple of Zakynthos, and there offer loot in exchange for a favor from the Goddess Iris: a day-long rainbow over the Stygian Sea.

Realizing that she has been a victim of mistaken identify, Erostes is faced with a dilemma. If she reveals that she is human, she will be killed just for learning about the existence of mermaids. If she does not, she faces horrific ordeals that will kill her anyway.

As she progresses through the games, she finds herself falling in love with the merman, and feels guilty for lying to him. She also dreams of her doppelgänger. The real siren who has switched places with her has experienced rejection in love on land and plans to exact vengeance on humankind. Erostes must decide between revealing her real identity and losing any prospects of living with the merman she loves, or, pretending the same and letting her loved ones die.””

How can anything possibly turn out well for her?”


“Audiences who loved Twilight, Clash of the Titans, Immortals, and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters will fall in love with sirens in The Black Tail in a whole new way.”


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